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How to order the document(s) in CAM-DOC page

Document Ordering Process Guideline

By SNS Cambodia

Our SNS Cambodia website has many Core Business Management Modules that prepared by experts who has skills & experience in preparation of official and standard documents for various businesses & industries that could meet administrative, regulatory law, standard’s requirement for the documentation. Each module has many types of documents that are suitable for any business context. We provide many standards of documents with customization process to make them suitable for your requirement.

   How to make an order document(s)?

It is very easy to order our documents. We will guide you with an example and image of the order process in the step below.


If you don’t know how to order our document, please do follow our ordering process & guideline!



On the CAM-DOC page, we have many Core Business Management Modules, and each module has its sub-categories.

You need to select the Category or Sub-category of the document you want to order then it will go to the document list page.

Document List

Document Selection

On the Document List page, we show the list documents of category or sub-category that you selected.

A Document contains the image, title, and Add Button. Add Button is a button that adds a document to the document list in the footer below.

You click the Add button on the document which you want to order.

You can also browse and add more documents before you make an order.


Ordering Document

After you select your document(s), you now process to the step of order the document(s) that you have just added to your document list.

Your selected document is shown in the document list. There is an Order button near the document list. It is the place you order on the documents you have selected.

After clicking on the button Order, it will display a popup form that you need to fill in some of the information for us to process the following step.

Following Process

Contact and Following process

After you fill in your information and submit your order, we will contact you back for the following process as soon as we can.

We need 2-3 working days for the preparing process. We will contact you for your requirement(s). After that, we will let you select document options.