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Restructuring & Centralized Administration

Restructuring & Centralized Administration

Organizational Reform / Restructuring

Organizational Reform / Restructuring is the act of changing the business model of an organization to transform it for the better. These changes can be legal, operational processes, ownership, etc. The cause of such a shift in the company can be either external or internal. SNS senior consultant has involved & successful completion  of reform process in the Cambodian Railway funded by ADB & a group of company with multi business sectors.

Centralized Management System

Centralization refers to a setup in which the decision-making powers are concentrated in a few leaders at the top of the organizational structure. Decisions are made at the top and communicated to lower-level managers for implementation. The decision making process are followed certain Authorization Procedures & interrelated processes that linked all member of the companies in the group under single (central) management team at head-office. The results of an implementation of the system could help owner of multi-businesses sectors performs in more effective way by fully utilized internal resources , could find better way to leverage operation and achieved better performance outcomes.

SNS has good experience in the development & implementation of such system  and in more effective ways.

Restructuring & Centralized Management System services: